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Understanding and Resisting Big Tech

Dozens of articles shedding information on Big Tech, surveillance capitalism and the dark side of online advertising.

Digital Literacy

How to guides about how to use technology more mindfully – and not be used by it.


Behind the scenes photos, filming in Paris

Last week I had a second filming session with photographer Antoine Geiger. We shot B-roll (supplemental footage that will be intercut with his interview) at the majestic École nationale supérieure…
November 23, 2018

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Cal Newport on social media
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Video: Cal Newport on why you should quit social media

A Channel 4 interview with internet pioneer Jaron Lanier, author of "Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now"
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Quote: Tech Billionaire Parenting

"Melinda Gates's children don't have smartphones and only use a computer in the kitchen. Her husband Bill spends hours in his office reading books while everyone else is refreshing their…
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The Real Reason Why Instagram Is Hiding “Like” Counts

I believe the real reason has to do with surveillance capitalism: extracting more precious user data and increasing the time spent on the platform.